The Best Solution for Unique Water Heating Needs

Powering Stadiums of All Sizes

The best solution for unique water heating needs

Intellihot's commercial tankless water heaters are powering several large stadiums to meet their unique hot water needs. Our units currently power stadiums of all sizes - national stadiums up to 75,000 seats, to college campus stadiums. Below are a few representative case studies of stadiums that have chosen Intellihot's commerical tankless water heaters for their hot water needs.

An Entirely New & Better Way

Next-Gen Commercial Water Heating

Commercial water heating systems have used the same basic design methodology for the last 75 years or more. Typically, these systems either use tank style heater or boilers with storage tanks along and with multiples installed to mitigate the risk of sudden failure. This design methodology, coupled with hot water draw profiles results in significant efficiency losses that is further exacerbated due to multiples.

Engineers are being challenged to find ways to reduce energy, improve reliability and fit equipment in a smaller space—all without sacrificing performance. This webinar will empower you to design on-demand water heating systems, eliminate storage, and realize space and efficiency savings. Topics include modular systems and advanced controls, for an entirely new and better way of commercial water heating.



This is a free, on-demand webinar, that demonstrates the advantages of moving to tankless water heaters, in large-scale, commercial applications.

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